Biofuel & Oleochemicals

Biofuel is derived from biomass—that is, animal or plant waste. It is replenishable, and considered to be a source of renewable energy. Biofuel is generally advocated as an environmentally friendly and cost effective replacement for fossil fuels like petroleum and others. Bearing in mind the increasing prices and shortage of fossil, biofuel is a perfect alternative. Besides being an advantageous fuel it also has applications in cosmetics and animal feed industries.

We at Matrix Life Science are firm supporters of 3R'S i.e Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and hence with Sundizel we are playing our part actively towards our society. We strive to make a difference and make available the biofuel for our customers in the most economical and efficient ways. We offer Biofuels and Oleochemicals like Crude glycerin, Fatty Acid Distillate and Bio-diesel.

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