Phytosterols, or plant sterols, are compounds that occur naturally and are in form of free alcohols and fatty acid esters. Phytosterols are esterified to enhance their solubility and stability so that they can be utilized as per the requirements of the industry it has been used in. Few properties of Phytosterols include balancing cholesterol levels, anti-aging, water-absorbing ability, and permeability modification. Phytosterols are in-demand products from Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Personal Care industries. They are used in dietary supplements, cosmetic creams, and the oil industry.

Despite the complex extraction process of phytosterols, We at Matrix Life Science, offer phytosterols in three forms liquid, powder, and granules making them handier. We make available organic, unblended phytosterols products under the brand name PhytoLite as per client's needs which are economical and profitable for their businesses.

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