Research & Development

We as an organization are fuelled by Innovation, powered by Imagination, and eager for Invention. These 3 I’s are at the core of our vision and by fusing our innovation and imagination we aim to continuously keep inventing the products that meet the ever-growing and evolving needs of our customers. During the course of time, we equipped ourselves with state-of-art types of equipment and made ourselves capable to keep the flame of innovation burning.

Our R&D department uses fine sciences to unlock discoveries and create ingredient solutions that maintain and transform the quality of life worldwide. Everyone in the department is dedicated to coming up with a solution that makes a major impact on the quality of one’s life. With our never-ending passion for making people’s lives better, we’ve been researching and soon be developing transformative products for the food, cosmetic, animal feed, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our vision is to serve more global food terminal customers in terms of product application solutions.

Plant Extract

A plant extract is a substance with desirable properties. These are extracted from the tissues of plants for specific purposes.


Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Tissue Culture is a combination of techniques used to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues, or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known composition.



Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes.

Approved And Accredited By Department Of Scientific & Industrial Research

This approval not only means that our labs can better enhance Matrix Life science’s awareness of quality control but also represents a major breakthrough in our new direction towards research and development.


Analytical Ability

Volumetric analysis-Titration, Control sample storage, stability chamber, Oxidative stability, Assay on GC/HPLC/ HeadSpace, Residual Solvents, PAH, Sulphated Ash, Loss on Drying, Colour comparison.

We are in the era of sustainable development; provide customers with high-quality products and services but also provide customized one-stop solutions. We will regularly carry out the technical exchanges, explore the application of technology and market trends, and promote the development of nutritional food ingredients, to make substantial contributions to the nutritional food ingredients progress.

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