Vitamin E is a necessary and vital nutrient, performing a variety of important functions in the organism that has a significant influence on Metabolism and Immunity. Not only in the human body, but Vitamin E also plays an essential part in animals' bodies. Feeding an optimal amount of Vitamin E to farm animals can be tremendously beneficial for their health and productivity.

Tocofeed is a range of natural nutritional Vitamin E for the animal feed industry. Tocofeed contains natural mixed tocopherols and d-Alpha tocopherols which are bioactive and free forms of natural vitamin E showing excellent antioxidant effect along with improving immunity power in animals.

Tocofeed was launched in order to take charge of the provision of essential nutrients to species other than humans. Tocofeed brings the products which ensure the livestock and pets aren’t deficient in nutrients that facilitate smooth functioning. The more functional the animals are, the better their productivity. There are several types of products that come under Tocofeed, Check below :


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