Matwax is our brand of Sunflower Wax, a COSMOS certified vegetable wax obtained from the winterization of sunflower oil. In many formulations, Sunflower Wax is used as an alternative for Rice Bran Wax, Carnauba Wax and Candelilla Wax. It is light in color and has very low odor.

It functions as a strong gellant and consistency modifier in sticks and emulsions. The wax consists of long chain saturated C-42 to C-60 esters that correlate to hardness, crystalline structure and a high melting point. Formulators use it applications for lipsticks, mascaras, decorative cosmetics, lip balms, emulsions and candles. Sunflower Wax can be used as a thickener and to improve oil binding, emolliency, film formation, and lubricity.





COSMOS Certified


100% Natural

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