Biodiesel: Sustainable and Economic fuel

  • With 7.8 billion people on earth and their dependency on fossil fuels for transportation fuel has caused environmental damages like global warming, climate change and depletion of the fossil fuels.
  • Biodiesel being the renewable and sustainable transportation fuel is the fuel for today as it will overcome the problems associated with fossil fuel.
  • Matrix Life Science is a part of 50 year old manufacturing group located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
  • We are one of the biggest biodiesel manufacturing company in India with our state of the art facility spread across 40,000 sq. metre area.
  • The manufacturing of SunDizel, which is our biodiesel brand, is done from soya and sunflower sources and offers complete replacement to the polluting and expensive petroleum diesel.
  • SunDizel is a renewable fuel. The manufacturing is done from a relatively simple chemical process known as trans-esterification. It is made through a chemical process which converts oils and fats of natural origin into fatty acid methyl esters (FAME).
  • It enhances performance through higher Cetane, added lubricity and a cleaner burn.
  • SunDizel has a pour point between 0®C to -3®C which means it is workable around the year and has big advantage over biodiesel made from other sources like palm and animal fat.


  • Easy To Use, No vehicle modifications or special fuelling equipment — just pump and go.
  • Power, Performance and Economy- Proven performance and economy make biodiesel a renewable winner.
  • Emissions & Greenhouse Gas Reduction- With lower exhaust emissions biodiesel is helping to reduce pollution and improve health. Lower CO2 emissions help reduce the impacts of global warming.
  • Toxicity, Biodegradability, Safety & Recycling -Less toxic than table salt, biodiesel has minimal environmental impact.
  • With a high flash point, biodiesel is safer to handle and store than petroleum diesel.
  • As our Biodiesel manufacturing is done from used oils and fats, SunDizel helps ensure proper recycling of former waste products.
  • Economic Development: SunDizel helps communities by keeping energy dollars at home.
  • At Matrix we are committed to biodiesel manufacturing which is 100% genuine, natural sourced biodiesel. No petrochemical solvents added into that.
  • We are against the malpractices going in today’s market by selling petrochemical solvents under the name of Biodiesel.
  • Nowadays, the products are selling under the title of Biodiesel are White Diesel, MTO(Mineral Turpentine Oil), LLP, Base Oil, Rock Oil, Kerosene Oil, Green Oil etc.
  • These are all solvents and your equipment/vehicle’s diesel engine is not made to cleanly burn such Solvents. They are only meant for Petroleum Diesel or Biodiesel. Any derivatives with burning capacity cannot become fuel for your diesel engines. Such a product may give short time profit but after a prolonged usage, it will be the huge cost as main engine will collapse due to high corrosion properties of these solvents.
  • Also, it is worth noting that using these types of fuels as transport fuel is illegal and a cognizable offense. It is only allowed to be used as industrial fuel.
  • So, always use pure and clean Biodiesel and live your life hassle free.
  • We aim to be your partner for clean, pure, green and sustainable energy.
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SunDizel Liquid Soy / Sunflower Bio Energy

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