d-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate

Avail USP Certified Grade D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Only From Matrix Life Science

Vitamin E is largely used in the health and wellness industry today. Falling under the larger category of organic compounds named tocopherols, the D-alpha tocopherylacetate is a unique type of Vitamin E compound.

The popularity of the D-alpha tocopheryl acetate rises from the fact that it the most stable form of Vitamin E. It is esterified & stable form of d-alpha-tocopherol in which the acetate group protects the hydroxyl group of the Tocopherol chromanol ring from oxidation. Hence it shows enhanced stability & functionality. This makes the D -alpha tocopheryl acetate the number one choice of pharmaceutical industries and dietary supplement brands.

Our D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Production

Our entire production of D- alpha tocopheryl acetate is sourced from NON-GMO  plant origins such as Soy & Sunflower. We also conduct rigorous checking at every step to ensure that the product that you get from us is a hundred percent pure.


On internal consumption of Naturall-e SF-A1100IU, the acetate group is removed by special enzymes called Esterases present in Human gut & intestine and the free form d-alpha tocopherol is released which is then readily utilized by the body.

Thus D- alpha tocopheryl acetate is intended to be used as stable form of Natural Vitamin E supplement wherein its temporarily sealed antioxidant property provides unique advantage in various product formulations.

Nutraceutical applications include Vitamin E/multivitamin capsules, syrups, therapeutic preparations, functional foods and dietary supplements.

In Food Industry it is primarily used for food fortification purpose like fortified cereals, biscuits, beverages and various other food products.

Choose Your Variant

D-alpha tocopheryl acetate:

The 1000IU, 1100IU, 1360IU, grades of tocopheryl are available in oil form, and you can adapt them across various industries.

The 500IU, 600IU, 700IU grades, are available in powder form.

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Naturall e d Alpha Tocopherol Acetate scaled
Brand Form Source Carrier Grade Application GMO Certification
Naturall-e Oil Soy 1000IU, 1100IU, 1360IU, 4000 IU Human Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals Certified
Naturall-e Powder Soy 500IU, 700IU, 4000 IU Human Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals Certified

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