Natural Sunflower Wax

Natural Sunflower Wax is a white to yellowish white color Sunflower wax. It is odorless solid with high melting point. Natural Sunflower Wax is an excellent replacement to commonly used Beeswax and other synthetic waxes due to its 100% natural and plant origin.

Natural Sunflower Wax helps to thicken the formulation by providing a rigid structural network of wax crystals. It has an excellent oil gelling property, allowing use at low concentrations. It improves the strength and temperature stability of the end product. Natural Sunflower Wax contributes to hardness, texture, and strength which help in mold release. It is highly recommended for lipsticks, lip balms, mascara, creams, lotions, sunscreens, hair conditioners, shampoos and many other cosmetic products. Natural Sunflower Wax is not genetically modified & does not contain any preservatives.

Brand Form Source Application GMO Certification
MatWax Powder and flakes Sunflower Cosmetics, Personal Care Certified

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