Vitamin E TPGS

VITAMIN E TPGS is derived from 100% Non-GMO oilseed source. It is highly stable & water soluble derivative of Natural Vitamin E. It increases Bioavailability of poorly absorbed drugs & nutrients acting as an absorption and permeability enhancer. As a water soluble compound, Naturall-e VITAMIN E TPGS 1000 is primarily used as an efficient source of Natural Vitamin E, both for therapeutic purposes and nutrition. Applications includes in Food and Beverages industry where water soluble characteristic of Vitamin E is required & suitable for use in Organic foods.

Naturall e Vitamin E – TPGS scaled
Brand Form Source Grade Application GMO Certification
Naturall-e Waxy Solid Vegetable oilseed TPGS-1000 Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals Certified

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