BaCogMin, a natural extract derived from Bacopa monnieri leaves. Our commitment to using advanced technology ensures that you receive only the finest quality product. BaCogMin is carefully crafted using specialized extraction techniques, resulting in a potent and effective product. Our rigorous quality processes and procedures, including testing, inspection, and certification, ensure the purity and efficacy of our product.

This products Enhances concentration, memory and used for improving brain health in all aged groups.

  • Helps in memory and Cognitive enhancement
  • Helps in anxiety and Stress relief
  • Has Antioxidant and Anti inflammatory Effects
  • Helps in relieving from ADHD symptoms in children.

At Matrix Life Science we manufacture unengineered bacoside under the brand name Bacogmin which is completely 100% NON GMO extract in powder form.

Brand Form Source Grade Application
Bacogmin Powder Bacopa Monnieri 30% Human Nutrition, Food, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals
Bacogmin Powder Bacopa Monnieri 50% Human Nutrition, Food, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals

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