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Antioxidants are compounds found in several brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. The primary function of antioxidants is to protect our body’s cells from free radical damage. It, in turn, prevents premature ageing and various chronic diseases.
The natural choice to improve shelf life.
Consumers care about the ingredients manufacturers use.

Naturall-E are a range of plant based natural antioxidants which offer shelf life solution to protect against oxidation while meeting the growing demand for a cleaner label. One can choose from a wide range of formulas that include naturally sourced ingredients derived from Rosemary, Soya, Sunflower and other plant based extracts to keep your food tasting better and lasting longer.

Your smart choice for clean label ingredients The food industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in how manufacturers approach product development. Plenty of new ingredients have come to surface in recent years that allows manufacturers to create new textural experiences or fine-tune the textures of the product. One of the major ingredient to maintain the textural experience and increase the shelf life is the use of a right antioxidant. However, the cost associated is an important factor in making this choice.

At Matrix, we offer smart antioxidant solutions tailor made to offer better performance at an effective price point.

Our high delta tocopherol antioxidant is a potent ingredient offering oxidative stability comparable to regular mixed tocopherols but at lower dosages.

In order to check the antioxidant properties of high Delta Natural Tocopherol 40% (DT 40) comparing with the regular Natural Mixed Tocopherol 50% (NMT 50), we performed a detailed oxidative stability study and the results shows equal antioxidant properties of both products.

Comparative Study

In order to verify the antioxidant properties of high delta tocopherol, it was compared with the natural mixed tocopherol when mixed in the sunflower oil. Our Natural Mixed Tocopherol 50% contains 10-30% delta tocopherol isomer whereas high Delta Natural Mixed Tocopherol 40% contains 30-50% delta isomer.

Comparative Study

Natural Mixed Tocopherol (NMT 50%)

The study was conducted using OXITEST-Oxidation stability Reactor. Samples were analysed for the rate of oxidation at 90 degrees and 6 bar pressure. Samples were analysed at 90 degree at 6 bar pressure . Sunflower oil sample containing 250 PPM concentration of both 50% and High Delta 40% were prepared separately.

High Delta Tocopherol (DT 40%)

IP (Induction Period) the time required to reach the start point of oxidation was recorded. The longer the induction period, the stability against oxidation over time is higher. The instrument measures the absolute pressure drop in oxidation reactor as shown in Figure (a)