GMOS (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Scientists, consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMOS. GMOs can disrupt the functioning of other genes and create novel proteins that never have been in the food supply chain and could create toxins and allergens in foods. Products labelled as Non-GMO means they are manufactured from non-genetically modified raw materials.

Non-GMO and Identity Preserved (IP) Products labelled as Non-GMO confirms that there is no trace of genetically modified elements detected on analysis but this in no way can assure that the product was derived from a Non-GMO source. On the other hand, IP certified organics are produced from assured raw materials which mean that there is an audit trial documenting the production and process inputs and a third party certifier confirming the same. Matrix assures that all its products are 100% Non-GMO IP by making sure of the traceability back to the source.

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