Lecithin Powder

Lecithin comprises fats that are essential to cells in the human body. It is the main source of choline, a nutrient similar to the B vitamins. Lecithin Powder is oil-free lecithin obtained from de-oiling of Standard Lecithin. De-oiled Lecithin (Powder) is a pure form of Phospholipids. De-oiled Lecithin is also more hydrophilic than Standard Liquid Lecithin. It has several health benefits including support for high/low cholesterols levels, heart health, digestion, etc. It is taken as a supplement or contained in various health products.

Matrix Life Science manufcatures Lecithin powder under brand name Naturall-Le which is derived from Non GMO vegetable oilseed sources. It has various applications in Food, Cosmetics & Skin care, Nutraceutical and Feed industry.

Brand Source
Natural - Le Soy / Sunflower


  • Oil Soluble
  • Water Dispersible


  • Bag
  • 25Kg Drum


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