Phyto Squalene

Matrix Life Science offers a Vegan alternative for Shark Squalene !

Naturall-SQ Phytosqualene is vegetable Squalene obtained from Sunflower oil unsaponifiable fraction obtained after deodorization and deacidification Squalene is completely safe ingredient for uses in cosmetics and personal care industries. Our vegetable Squalene is free from any preservatives. Phyto-Squalene is a perfect skincare ingredient for extremely dry or sensitive skin.

Toxicology studies indicate that in the concentrations used in cosmetics, Squalene has low acute toxicity, and is not a significant contact allergen or irritant. It functions in cosmetic and personal care formulations as a highly effective antioxidant, anti- static, emollient, hair and skin conditioning and refatting agent .

Brand Form Source Grade Application
Naturall-SQ Oil Sunflower 50% , 55% Cosmetics, Personal Care



  • Liquid
  • Oil Soluble


    • 25Kg Drum
    • 900Kg IBC


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