Crude Glycerin

Crude Glycerin is a significant by-product of the biodiesel production process. It contains a significant amount of methanol, water, soaps, and salts and typically has a glycerol content of anywhere between 45 to 70%. It is the end product after refinement of Crude glycerol is carried out. It has various applications depending upon the size of its production company. For large-scale biodiesel producers, crude glycerol can be purified and then used in the food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics industries like animal feed, syrups and lozenges, soaps, and showers gels respectively.

Matrix Life Science provides you with properly purified and packed Crude glycerin in different concentrations.

Brand Form Application
Glycerin Liquid Bio Energy



  • Liquid
  • Oil Soluble


  • 25Kg MS Drum
  • 900Kg IBC


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