d-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate

D-Alpha-tocopherol succinate is an esterified form of alpha-tocopherol. It reduces susceptibility to degradation of the product when exposed to air or processed at elevated temperatures providing flexibility in the formulations of the product.Natural vitamin E succinate is a step further and better than basic Vitamin E compounds. With enhanced protective and anti-oxidant properties succinate feeds directly into the Krebs cycle, generating energy.

With our state-of-art production facilities, we produce this state-of-art product. Keeping an innovative mindset we offer D-Alpha Tocopherol succinate in powder as well as free-flowing granule form which makes it perfectly applicable and trouble-free to handle.

Brand Form Source Grade Application
Naturall-e Powder / Granules Soy / Sunflower / Rapeseed 1185IU, 1210IU, Human Nutrition, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals
Naturall-e Powder Soy / Sunflower / Rapeseed 1185IU, 1210IU Animal Nutrition, Pet Food


  • Powder
  • Oil Soluble


    • Bag


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