Spray Dried Natural Vitamin E Water-Dispersible Powders

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that plays a key role in the immune system and metabolic processes. However, it is still a challenge to use these vitamins with their poor water solubility and relative instability during processing and storage. Therefore, they must be incorporated into hydrophilic matrices and protected.

By applying spray drying technology, Matrix Life Science has encapsulated vitamin e in Tapioca starch or Gum Acacia and developed fat-soluble vitamin e into a water-dispersible powder.

The physical characterizations of the encapsulated vitamin E greatly depend on the surface morphology, size, shape, solubility, and moisture content and we take pride in delivering a stable product suitable for varied applications.

The product can be dissolved both in the cold (10°C) and warm (35-40°C) water to form a stable milky emulsion. It is virtually insoluble in organic solvents.

Water dispersible Spray-dried Vitamin E powders have allowed Matrix Life Science, manufacturers of Vitamin E not only to offer just oils but also Cold water-dispersible powders from Non-GMO IP Soy / Sunflower oils.

Being a manufacturer of Vitamin E, Matrix Life Science's intention is to use its own indigenous and innovative process of spray drying and offer Mixed Tocopherols, D-Alpha Tocopherols, and Acetate powders from both Soy and Sunflower sources.

Having direct access to NON-GMO raw materials and natural sources of Vitamin E has given us a competitive edge of being the only manufacturer & supplier of Tocopherol in India


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